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Kern House Publishing

Kern House Publishing has been formed as a family business to market books by the Kerns.

Jim Kern, founder of the Florida Trail, the American Hiking Society, Big City Mountaineers, Hiking Trails for America and Friends of the Florida Trail. Kern has published two coffee table books.

In Trail Reflections, 50 Years of Hiking and Backpacking, Jim takes you around the world on hiking adventures in search of remote scenic splendor.

He previously published The Wildlife Art & Adventures of Jim Kern Photographer. The book is a celebration of 50 years of Wildlife Photography. It includes vivid accounts of extraordinary events he encountered on expeditions in search of the rare and endangered wildlife.

Most recently, Jim published Broken Promise: The Plight of Our National Trails. The book is an appeal to Congress to schedule oversight hearings on our National Scenic Trails. In 1968 Congress granted eminent domain to the Appalachian Trail to complete this 2,190 mile footpath. Since then, it has failed to provide e.d. for the other ten. The A.T. is continuous and secure from end-to-end. The other ten are incomplete and struggling with gaps in their trails that total 25% of the ten trail corridors. It’s been 42 years since the last oversight hearing on trails issues, much too long. Congress needs to address this glaring disparity. These ten should either be completed or abandoned as a National Trail.

Jim is available for speaking engagements.

Matt Kern, Jim’s son also published two books.

FACE, A Teen’s Journey into Manhood Inside the Florida Prison System

Matt Kern was an A student in seventh grade but a year later was stealing cars on the weekends. He eventually landed in prison where, unbeknownst to his parents, he thrived by managing his own business and gambling operation. This riveting story reveals the details of his crime and time spent in prison, and the providential way in which he got clemency.

In solitary Matt experienced a deeper and extended spiritual renewal. While considering the difficulty of relating the Gospel story to other inmates by flipping back and forth between the four Gospel accounts, he thought, Why not tell the story once by selecting the most appropriate verses from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? Matt immersed himself in the task. Months later his father received in the mail several pages of book, chapter and verse in sequence. With the help of a computer program that printed out each verse on command, The Consolidated Gospels appeared in print.