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What Others Have Said About Jim


From the Javan rhino to Florida butterflies, the best of Jim Kern’s 50 years of photography is included in this volume. Along with the images of wildlife and landscapes, he offers the stories behind many of the shots, including his encounters with Komodo dragons and orangutans. Unfortunately, too much of what he saw and photographed is disappearing or already gone. We have an urgent responsibility to save what’s left.”

John Nuhn, Photo Editor, National Wildlife; Past President, North American Nature Photography Association

When I first saw Jim’s photos, I bought a photo-story from him for an early issue of Backpacker magazine and used one of his photos for the cover of that issue. Since then Jim has become a good friend who has regaled me with numerous wildlife slide shows of his fascinating adventures on which he takes his photos. This book is like sitting down with Jim once again to share in his lifetime of nature photos and adventures.”

William Kemsley, Jr., Founding Editor and Publisher, Backpacker; Author, BACKPACKER AND HIKER’S HANDBOOK

Your book is remarkable. The photos are great and I like how your chapters interweave your Florida and global adventures. All around, very smartly executed.”

John Moran, Nature Photographer; State of Florida Contract Nature Photographer 2006

If Colin Fletcher is the father of backpacking, Jim Kern might be its heart and soul. Few men have hiked more miles or given more to the sport—or taken greater inspiration from wilderness places worldwide. This collection of his outdoor stories, friendships, foundations and photographs is a rich guide to the hiking world’s most beautiful places and a must read for any student of hiking’s colorful history.”

Jonathan Dorn, Editor in Chief, Backpacker magazine

Our paths first crossed through communications in the late ’60s while Jim was “fathering” the Florida Trail Association, but I first met him years later as he was organizing the American Hiking Society, so we go way back. I have visited or hiked on many of the trails illustrated in this book. They bring back many long-forgotten memories. The stories are well written and the photos are great and will surely induce the reader to visit these far-out places.”

Gudy Gaskill, Founder of the 500-mile Colorado Trail

Jim Kern is a man with a passion for the outdoors, the environment, wildlife and backpacking, and fortunately he always took a camera along. In this book Jim shares with us his hiking adventures from all over the world.

Jim is an entrepreneurial and humble individual. He founded the Florida Trail Association, the American Hiking Society and Big City Mountaineers. Big City Mountaineers has turned around the lives of thousands of teens using an eight-day experience in the outdoors.

An authentic book of a priceless journey.”

Skip Yowell, Cofounder, JanSport

The visionaries, the dreamers, the doers of our remarkable treasures (our National Scenic Trails) are mostly gone now. But one remains with us—Jim Kern, Founder of the Florida National Scenic Trail.

Here in his own words, you’ll read this amazing, heartwarming account—how one man has made the world a better place for all of us.”

Nimblewill Nomad (town name, Eb Eberhart), author of Ten Million Steps, a record of his hike from the Florida Keys to Cap Gaspé, Québec